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New Features for Spring 2024

posted: Apr 20 2024

Here is the latest round of seven (7) great new features designed to enhance your bidding experience and streamline your interaction with our service. This time there are features for both free and premium users! We are also expanding the free service to include some of the formerly-Premium features.

1. Multi-Win Groups Are Here!

On the left sidebar of your dashboard, under Tools, there's a new entry, Bid Groups. You can now see all of your groups at-a-glance, as well as specify your number of desired wins. It also tallies wins for each group.

2. New "Notes" Icon in Grid View

The Grid View now includes a new "Notes" icon, enabling you to quickly add remarks and important information for each snipe. The notes themselves appear only in List View, however, underneath each title.

3. Mini-Bid-Charts in List View

Still a BidSlammer exclusive! You know those nifty little bid-activity charts when you preview a snipe? These are now displayed next to each snipe in your dashboard's List View. These show a graphical representation of bidding trends and history for each item. You can quickly assess the competition of all of your snipes in one view.

One neat feature about these charts is that it only shows the latest bid for each bidder. In order to show the retroactive nature of eBay's proxy bidding, the charts are designed to show proxy bids retroactively. Power users will definitely want to read the help page for Bid History Charts.

4. Auction Tribune Enhancements

Our daily notification service, Auction Tribune, has received several updates:

5. Alexa (Echo) Smart Home Notifications

We have implemented the Alexa Notify Me Skill. You can toggle an alert for any snipe. It will report the title, closing price, and number of other bidders that you outbid.

To activate it, just instruct "Alexa, Add the Notify Me Skill." When you accept, the service will send you an API key. You cut and paste this API key into your Preferences, and you are ready to go. To activate an alert, click the "bell" icon next to any snipe.

6. Pre-Snipe Seller Restriction Checks

We are now able to detect and report several situations that sellers use to block bids. While you are previewing a snipe, you will be informed of any blocks due to due Buyer Strikes, feedback rating minimums, or purchase limits.

7. Toggle Win/Loss Status

On your Archive tab, you can toggle the win/loss status of snipes that weren't recorded properly.


We hope these changes will empower you for even greater success. Stay tuned for more enhancements later this summer, and thank you for choosing BidSlammer.


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