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Improvements to Customer Support

posted: Oct 26 2013

We'd like you to know about a few improvements we've made to the site in regard to customer service, and how we've made it easier to get your questions answered regarding how to use the website --- and just sniping in general. We released this silently a short while ago and the effect was immediately noticeable.

As our longer-term customers all know, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We always try to respond very quickly, usually within a few hours. Any issues or glitches are generally fixed the same day. However, as the site has grown, we've found it necessary to implement a few things that will help us manage the number of questions we receive daily.

Also, we owe a few users an apology. For the last couple of years, we had switched to use our "support@" email address, and this worked fine, or so we thought --- until we discovered that the old support links were still active on Google. Some of these users tried to use the old support links which we never disabled, and/or tried to use the blog in an act of desperation to contact us. Unfortunately these users never received a response to their ticket. Naturally, we want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Here is a list of the great changes we made for you.

New Knowledge Base

The biggest change we made was to build a Knowledge Base with several dozen topics, including many guides and explanations of the gotchas most people face with sniping! It's loaded with great information about the art of last-second bidding. We hope you will think of this resource in the future when in need of help. Our contact link is right there on the first page, also.

Revamped Blog and Commenting

We have gotten rid of the Wordpress blog and decided to bake our own. As you can see, the new blog is much more simple and streamlined. And you can leave comments and interact with other snipers.

To subscribe, just visit our Feedburner feed at

New Contact Us Page

This is located at We were previously using email support for a while, but we feel using a helpdesk software will improve the tracking and allow multiple personnel to help you in case you specify a "hot" ticket.

All of these resources are one or two clicks away from your main snipe home page, or in the footer.

Improved Error Detection

As we always say, the hard part of sniping is not placing the snipe, but determining why a snipe did not win, and knowing exactly what we encountered while placing the bid. Now, we are able to capture many more error messages into our detection process. Presenting these error messages will prevent people from making a beeline to the Help button, when in fact the item was not won due to a setup issue.

An example message where a bid was not won due to a setup issue is:

It appears this item is restricted for export by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR, Parts 120-130) or the Department of Commerce under the Bureau of Industry (BIS) and Security Export Administration Regulations, EAR (15 CFR, Parts 730-774). [...] Also, please refer to refer to eBay's Military Items Policy for additional information.

We look forward to helping you!

- Your Friends at BidSlammer


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