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eBay Hack: Action Required

posted: May 30 2014

As you all know by now, eBay was hacked last week and we advised everyone to change their password at eBay and then update it at the BidSlammer site.

This hacking issue is still making headlines about other sites being hacked now because of eBay's hack. eBay made additional changes and we are finding that a few people (not everyone) had to do it again and we have posted a message accordingly several days ago in your main snipe area.

If your password is accepted on our website, it only means that we can log in and get a cookie for you. It does NOT guarantee the password will work for sniping, because we can log you in, but eBay was still throwing up an interim page that prevented you from bidding on anything. In addition, eBay is stricter on passwords that do not originate from your computer, so you during this time, you can use the method below to double-check it.

This procedure outlines a way to be 100% sure you are ready to go:

1. Change your password at site. The password must use 3 kinds of characters: upper case, lower case, number, or symbol. The symbol cannot be a &, ", or # sign.

2. While you are at eBay, add a couple of random items to your Watch List.

3. Come to BidSlammer and update the password at BidSlammer at

4. See if you can click IMPORT at our site at:

If you are able to import your Watch List from eBay, then you are ready to snipe!


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