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Fail post at

posted: Aug 18 2015

It appears that someone sent a fake email of ours (or perhaps a very, very old one) to a plain text offenders site, and we wanted to clarify that we do not send plain text passwords. In fact, we do not even store your password at all. We just "hash" (scramble) the password when you enter it each time, and we check the scrambled passwords against each other.

What's funny about the post is that the link in it had a ".php" extension, and we don't use those.

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BidSlammer Sniping Service Comments

I have been using BidSlammer for over ten years and I reset my password all the time. I can say with certainty that I have never been mailed a text password.

moniker9   Aug 18 08:07AM

ditto. BidSlammer has never used plain text passwords. this was the first thing i checked on when i joined the site actually.

jkendall17   Aug 18 07:43PM

i looked them up, they are run out of Israel. You gotta love these overseas websites trying to wreak havoc on USA websites just for the sake of getting pages and/or traffic.

jimbo23   Aug 19 03:35AM

All my password reset emails from BidSlammer in my gmail do not have any plain text stuff in them.

scoutly7   Aug 19 09:10AM

confirmed - I verified my old ones are legit (no passwords).

instabidz   Aug 19 05:29PM

The first thing I looked for in the posts was the date of the offending email--- but they don't post the date. A site that reports on credibility isn't much help without ... credibility. lol.

hansnfranz   Aug 20 08:27AM

I have a reset-password email from BidSlammer from 2006 and it has no plain text passwords. I posted it in the forum.

shanti77   Aug 21 10:17AM

Someone report them to ;-)

chevytrader   Aug 22 10:11AM

I agree it defeats the purpose if you don't posts dates. I hate it when people post blog articles and don't show the date, that's an instant close. Offhand, I see you guys publish your dates but it's a bit small ;-)

tardybid   Aug 24 12:00AM