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Some New Features

posted: Jan 10 2017

We have released some new features and added a little more icing to the cake.

Smoother loading times and pagination - If you have a lot of items, the page will load much faster now.

Login with eBay userid. Your BidSlammer userid will not be used anymore; you will log in with your eBay ID.

12 languages. - You can select your favorite language from the pulldown on the homepage.

Refresh timeout - There is a refresh timer of 120 seconds for the refresh to keep people from spamming the button.

Built-in search - There's a search engine built directly into your home page now.

Smoother loading times - The search engine to eBay is now built in directly to your homepage. This is a very easy way of adding snipes. Try it out!

Countdown timers - On your Completed and Watched pages, you will now see countdown timers for the ending times on your snipes.

Social sharing - When you win a snipe, we will post links to twitter and Facebook in case you want to celebrate. We would love for you to use these, as these help spread the word!

New API - We have released version 2 of our Sniping API. The API is for developers to create new applications, or to white label and application under a different name. For more information, please consult the Sniping API instructions.

We hope you will enjoy the new features. Regards, BidSlammer


BidSlammer Sniping Service Comments

Anyone else having trouble with the new layout?

Teiren   Jan 10 08:47PM

The new interface is much better. Thanks for the update.

Hoang   Feb 03 11:25PM

You're at the top of your game. Nice work guys...

stealthbidz   Feb 08 02:41PM