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A few new helpful features

posted: Nov 1 2017

We have a few new cool features. These are really just some features we have had in the past, but they worked a bit intermittently, because eBay was changing their pages a lot.

1. In your list of snipes, hovering over an image will show ALL thumbnails images for that auction. So if the item has 12 images, you can see them all at a glance.

2. If an item has a blue "people" icon, you can hover over it to see the entire bid history for that item. It updates each time you hover over the icon.

3. You can now import your Bidding List from eBay. This is the list of items on which you are bidding currently. The "import Watch List" feature is still there; we've had that for many years.

Good luck sniping!


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