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New 1- and 2-Second Snipe Options

posted: May 26 2020

Hello Snipers,

We are happy to announce new 1- and 2-second lead time options as part of our regular Power Pack service offering.

Some of you may have noticed that we sneaked these options into the pull-down menu about a month ago. We're happy to report that the 2-second setting works just fine. Our connections to eBay require less than a tenth of a second now when, back in the day, a bid required several seconds. And, we noticed that they are processing bids in less than a second these days. So, we're giving this a try.

We also added a 1-second sniping option. Please note that it is marked as "(experimental)" for the time being. We are still accumulating data on the 1-second lead time. When we're satisfied we can guarantee it, we'll remove "(experimental)" from the menu.

The idea for this arose when we were looking at competitor sites using WayBackMachine. Many of them didn't start advertising a 3-second option until a few months after we did. We were not the first sniping service to offer a 3-second option, but we definitely set the bar. We are responsible for making it a staple for sniping services.

We took screen snapshots of all of our competitors' pages that boast a 3-second option. It will be interesting to see if those pages change in time.

Enjoy the new feature, and good luck sniping!


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