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Even More New Features

posted: Jun 26 2020

We have released a new revision of software with several improvements:

Unlimited Import Watch List

Import Watch List is Now Free. There are no restrictions on importing. Some customers like to do all of their scouting on the eBay site, and then return to BidSlammer. This can be done smoothly now.

Also, the "Import Watch List" button has moved from Preferences to the "Watched" tab on your dashboard. It has been separated into "Import Watch List" and "Import Bid List" buttons.

Manual Archive Feature

You can now voluntarily archive items, i.e., send them from the "Completed" tab to the "Archive" tab. Listings will continue to be archived automatically after 60 days.

Changes to Search Engine

The following enhancements were made to the search engine:

  1. Native search. The "Search eBay" form (in the upper-left corner of your dashboard) now searches your native country by default.
  2. Price range search. You can specify a minimum and maximum price for your searches.
  3. Bid indicator. Search results will now indicate items for which you already have a bid scheduled. Instead of a "Load Snipe" button, your bid will be shown with the icon.
  4. Buyer Shipping Detection. When you load an item with the Add Snipe form on your dashboard, it will warn that you are responsible for shipping.
  5. Item Conditions. The condition of the item is shown, e.g., New, New with Defects, Refurbished, Like New, Used, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, and For Parts or Not Working.
  6. Pagination and Item Counts now update correctly if "Hide Losses" is checked.

We hope you will enjoy the new features. We're still not done yet, however: we still have a few irons in the fire for 2020.

Good luck sniping!


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