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Announcing: Bidding Analytics

posted: Aug 2 2020

We are happy to announce the release of our latest suite of tools, Bidding Analytics --- a suite of data visualization tools that provide insight into bidding competition and improve your win rate.

This awesome new toolset is based on the fact that a visualization of a table of data often provides far more insight into the data than just a table. We pushed the limits of the best technologies that we could find. Naturally, the more bidding information we can feed into the charts, the greater the benefit of the charts.

If you prefer to dive right in, see BidSlammer Screenshots. You can sign up for an account, and then go directly to the "Slam Stats" tab in your Bidding Manager (BidSlammer Dashboard).

While experimenting with various ways to display the data, we had a few "eureka" moments, as discussed in the next sections.

A Chart For Every Auction

Bidding Analytics are now built into the BidSlammer's Preview function: Each time you enter an item number, you are treated to a graphical and tabulated.

Put a screen snapshot here of the Google results.

We can't show a chart for every auction, of course --- only the ones that have 2 or more bids. Show Bidding History of Auction

There are a lot of great patterns that arise:

Bidder Pesonalities Revealed (Yours and Theirs)

The first "eureka" moment was when we charted the bidding history for each auction. It turns out that this gives a whole new perspective on the auction. The charts betray the bid patterns and the strategies they use.

Snipe customers tell us that in general, they give only a fleeting glance to an auction's bidding history, because they are mainly just interested in the final seconds of the auction. If they do take a close look, they look for:

All of the above is now possible using BidSlammer's built-in Preview function.

Put some stuff in from the help section.

Other Great Tools

We don't have the space to review every tool in this blog article, but here is a quick overview:

To see all of the features, you'll have to sign up for BidSlammer's eBay snipe service, and then go to the Slam Stats tab on your Dashboard.


We can't wait to see all the different ways that users that our customers will use these graphs. We think that many use cases will arise. And as our long-term customers know, we honor most feature requests that we receive --- so please don't be shy about asking for features. (You can add comments to the article page.)

Another First?

We are not the first Company to do analytics on buying patterns, but we appear to be the first company to coin the term Bidding Analytics online as it pertains to eBay auctions, based nothing appearing in search results for eBay Bidding Analytics for buyers.

Put a screen snapshot here of the Google results.

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