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New Auction Search Service

posted: May 13 2009

Auction Tribune is Back!

We have re-released Auction Tribune, our auction search service that searches eBay and alerts you via e-mail when new items are available. See the image below to see an example of how the service looks when seen through our G-Mail account.

Here's how our service improves on eBay's own search service:

The service is totally FREE if you extended your free trial. All eligible accounts receive 3 search terms free. The more snipes that you execute with our service, the more search terms are enabled in your account for a maximum up to 20.

Please offer us suggestions for improvements in our Forum.



BidSlammer Sniping Service Comments

Thank you!

Bodyc   May 23 09:57AM

hey this is way better than eBay's notification service... thanks for making it free.

KeHoeff   May 28 03:37PM

It's about time someone made something like this, thanks for the help.

Tania   Jun 05 02:33AM