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SnipeWire - Never Be OutBid Again ... with SMS!

posted: May 20 2009

Talk to BidSlammer Using Your Mobile Phone

We are pleased to introduce SnipeWire, our new SMS Sniping service. Now you can change your bid amounts right from your mobile device (as long as you are within range of your service provider). It's 100% free with all memberships. You can talk to your BidSlammer account using any mobile phone or device that has e-mail or SMS capability.

No downloads or installations are necessary. Our product simply uses e-mail or SMS capabilities already available on your phone. You will be able to not only receive alerts to your mobile phone, but modify the snipes as well -- all right from your phone.

Here's How It Works!

Step 1: Add your mobile phone number to your Preferences.

For the alerts, you may add either a regular e-mail address or your mobile texting address.

Step 2: Add a snipe and then click its star .

Add your snipe using any of the usual methods.

Step 3: Increase the Bid Right from your Mobile Phone.

You may REPLY to any alert with a number of commands, including "bid 123.45".

List of Commands You Can Reply With

You can reply to any SMS alert with several commands.

bid nn.nn Change your bid to nn. Example: bid 32.95
on [off] Turn on [off] alerts for the auction in the alert.
all on [off] Turn on [off] alerts for all auctions.
status Get current info on the listing, including current price. Also returns a link to the eBay item in case your phone has Internet.
delete Delete the snipe. You may still "status" the item.
help Send a help reference.

Update your Preferences for text messaging right now!


BidSlammer Sniping Service Comments

Hi, thanks for the information.

scoorie   May 24 10:17AM

Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting. Information is useful!

Kelly Brown   Jun 12 02:01PM

my snipe says I won but I did not.And the person that did had 45 min to rebid, that what it looks like in the bid history. first troble I had in 6 years.

starlene71   Mar 13 09:59PM

my clock or your clock is off ?

starlene71   Mar 13 10:01PM