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"Perfect Penny" Guessing Contest

posted: Sep 16 2009

As advertised on the forum, for the month of September 2009 we are accepting guesses on the "perfect penny value," 00 through 99, to use for snipes, as determined by the 1,000,000+ snipes in our database. (Your guess applies to US auctions only.)

And by "perfect penny," most snipers know what we are talking about. Does this sound familiar? "Hmmm... I'll set a snipe for 67.60 on this item. Wait! Maybe I should bid 67.65. Or should I bid 67.67?" Every sniper goes through this thought process when trying to guess the right bid value.

If this is you, then you are not alone, as it has been debated since eBay's inception: What is the best value of pennies (1¢ through 99¢) to use for a snipe bid on an eBay auction? The answer would give you a tremendous edge over other snipers who bid manually or with a sniping service like BidSlammer.

And what an interesting answer we found! BidSlammer has discovered the PERFECT pennies value! Take your guess in your BidSlammer Preferences --- and learn the winners first week of October!

And even if you can't figure it out, you at least will have a 1 in 100 chance of guessing right. ;-) We doubt very many people will guess correctly so we will judge free shirts based on who is NEAREST the value.

Put your guess in your user preferences, click on Preferences in your BidSlammer account.


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