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BidSlammer is the Auction Bid Sniper for Collecting !

Most avid collectors include eBay in their usual searching. BidSlammer is perfect for cinching that rare item on eBay with an auction sniper.

A Better eBay Search -- for Collectors!

Enter searches for what you are looking for; then we go out and do all the searching for you. You'll get an email report letting you know when your eBay collectible auction is up for grabs. BidSlammer is a fully integrated auction search, track, and win solution. All of our buyer services work together as a single, easy-to-use tool!

Here’s how our service improves on eBay’s own search service:

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If you want to buy the item, BidSlammer will be your auction sniper, managing the last-minute bidding for you no matter what time the auction closes. Your computer doesn't even have to be turned on for you to win on eBay with our auction sniper!

eBay collectible auction software that lets you find, track, and win!

You can use BidSlammer to search, track, appraise, and purchase items without even being present at your computer!

Let our eBay sniper place last-minute bids for you

Click the items you want to win, and we will use BidSlammer's eBay auction software to place your bid for each item just seconds prior to closing. This avoids the emotional price escalation from other bidders -- and you can turn off your computer and let us take care of the entire bidding process.

We can even apply your bid to multiple items -- called Bid Groups. Bid Groups let you bid on five items at once, but win only one of them!

Manage it all in one place with out eBay auction snipe software

Not ready to buy? Place "zero" bids to track items without bidding. Keep tabs on as many items as you want -- all on one page. Your experience is fully personalized with our complete web-based manager. We will take care of everything... automatically!