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What happened to my balance

Posted: Oct 20 2009 05:19 PM

I logged in to use my account (rseward) and it shows a balance of $0.

Posted Oct 20 2009 05:19 pm by Gu***st


First I checked your account for any illegal activity and all is ok there...

As far as your balance, remember that we no longer combine "real" US dollars with "free double bucks". The free bucks with those programs expires after 3 years.

The old system caused way too much confusion with the customers. It didn't make sense to put a dollar sign in front of something that expires.

In November 2008 we replaced that system with a much better one. We no longer charge for snipes unless they win. Also instead of "double" bucks we give free service to the search service (Auction Tribune). And any purchase you make never expires at all.

Sorry for the confusion, folks are much happier on the new system. ;-)



BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Oct 20 2009 07:42 pm by Gu***st

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