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amount in my account

Posted: Nov 08 2009 10:42 PM

Hello,unless I am mistaken,I find it alittle strange that I have no "add funds" payment history page to track all the "add Funds " payments in the past and what my bucks balance was when I added those funds, there seems to be a major discrepancy in my account, I will try and be clear, I bought $100 worth ( using paypal) plus the extra $50 on oct 7th because at the time there was no bucks amount registering on my bidslammer page, I wrote a ticket and they said that they will reset it,they were sorry for the glitch,and that there was a balance in my account, around $20 (I just tried to go back to your email reply on that date for the exact balance amount,but the link will not allow me to get through to what you wrote,,,, another frustrating thing) anyway , the next day it shows in paypal that on oct 8th I added $30 more bucks ( which seems very strange to me because,why would I buy another $30 without any free bucks when the day before I had added $150,wondering if I am on an auto pay with you) but anyway,so if you add $20 balance +$150 oct 7 +$30 oct 8 it is a total of $200 and I am only seeing a balance of $89 and I have only made 14 winning bids since I added all those funds,, seems like alot of money $110 to pay for 14 slams, even if I did not have a balance when I added the $180 in funds, ,I wish I had a history page on your sight so I could look it up,like on a bank statement,and not bother you with this,Please Help ,thankyou,all the best,Glenn

Posted Nov 08 2009 10:42 pm by Gu***st


Sorry for the confusion, I fixed it and refunded the extra 30. Your balance should make more sense now (over $100). There were only $10.50 of snipe fees this month.



BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Nov 09 2009 12:04 am by Gu***st

hello,I went to my bid page and where there should be a balance amount, its says "Subscription renews on: 2010-02-07" I thought the subscription was cancelled, ,there is no dollar balance on that page so I still do not know what my balance amount is,, by my calculation if I only spent $10.50 this month and I bought $150 worth plus I had a balance before that of around $10 , I should have around $150 as the balance now,this does not include the 30 subscription, also when you canceled the $30 subscription and it was pulled out of paypal on oct 8th, now, does it go back into paypal as a credit,I do not see where the credit is,or does it go to my bank where it was pulled from,where does the money go back to,thanks for your help,Glenn

Posted Nov 09 2009 10:13 pm by Gu***st

It should look ok now. The money you can see if you log in to your PayPal, you will see it in your account as a line item.

Posted Nov 10 2009 08:00 am by Gu***st

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