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Posted: Dec 06 2009 05:18 PM

The issue has not been taken care of! The money in my account is the same as it has been since I registered my complaint. When was this alleged refund made and how much was it for? If you look back at my original ticket you will see that my account had $16.75 in it and it now has $16.25 after I had one item I bid on and was charged $.50. THERE HAS NOT BEEN A REFUND ISSUED.


Date: 2009-12-06 16:57:10

Name: Jayslam



The refund was issued and I responded to your ticket at that time.

Thank you for taking the time to write in, if you have any other questions, please be sure to let us know.



Posted Dec 06 2009 05:18 pm by Gu***st


I credited all the ones you listed by hand, a long time ago. Our policy is to make sure every single item is correct. If you find an item we did not credit, go back in your archive and tell me the item number.

Posted Dec 06 2009 05:35 pm by Gu***st

I found 11 that I have not received credit for. If you want I can send you the numbers. Please tell me when you gave me a credit? I have asked several times but you have never given me an answer. My account stays the same with nothing added to it.


Posted Dec 07 2009 12:44 am by Gu***st


We have responded four times on this matter in extensive detail. Please refer to tickets 37H4UXEPDQ, PH9AUHE549, 47LUW83Y8L, 82MBLXZ8L8.

I am sorry that we were not able to make you happy. I refunded your account as requested, and I reduced the service fee from $20 to $5 as a courtesy. Please note this is going above and beyond as we do not usually credit "FREE" balances. Your US dollar balance was used up last year. I also found one $5 charge that was not assessed correctly.

Please refer to this link for more details.

Here is our customer conduct policy (section 4) and refund policy.

Again, we are sorry we could not make you happy.

Posted Dec 07 2009 05:03 am by Gu***st

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