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Free T-Shirt, Site Credit

Posted: Dec 12 2009 05:05 PM

Hello. I have fulfilled the terms for the free t-shirt and $10 site credit. I have posted a small blurb on my website...

Direct link to the blurb is here:

Please let me know what happens now.


Posted Dec 12 2009 05:05 pm by Gu***st


Thanks for your support! Here is the link for the shirt.

I also added credit. Thanks!

Posted Dec 12 2009 08:59 pm by Gu***st

Hi, I noticed that post didn't have a link. Also it has to be your website, technically. But that's no problem, if you can get the link in, that's great... let me know either way and I will watch for the paypal address.

Posted Dec 13 2009 04:03 am by Gu***st

Hi. That is my site. is my domain and that is my forum.

Hyperlinked URL entered.



Posted Dec 13 2009 09:08 am by Gu***st

Paypal'd 1c over to you. [edited]

Posted Dec 13 2009 09:09 am by Gu***st

I like the site name.. wtata.. -)

Okay... short is mailed! Thanks so much for the help!

Thank you for taking the time to write in, if you have any other questions, please be sure to let us know.



BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Dec 13 2009 04:51 pm by Gu***st

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