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Balance is incorrect?

Posted: Feb 28 2010 04:10 PM

First of all I want to know do you charge for canceled snips?? Answer: must be yes because I am $2.44 short in my balance.The only thing I can figure is you charge for canceled snipes because I did cancel some snipes.There is no where in your information that talks about canceling a snipe and if there is a charge.Why would you charge If I cancel a snipe? If so how much? What is the billing format? If you do not charge where did the money in my balance go? I have lost several auctions because of your system failure. I have one auction that ended a day or two ago,where I bid 3x the winning bid and it was not me!I lost the auction and I really wanted to win that too. How are you going to make that up to me??? Your system still does not even know I lost the auction yet! adaah!!I would like to view my account history,How do I do that??I have had nothing but trouble and I have only been with you a very short while.Don't you have a contact/help number? Please get back to me ASAP. How come you do not discuss canceled snipes and the charges?What is the correct way to change a snipe? I was cancelling one and then enter a new one with a different ammount.Was I charged for those? I belive I was.Again please let me know how to view my billing so I know what is going on?

Posted Feb 28 2010 04:10 pm by Gu***st


We do not charge for canceled snipes or snipes that you do not win. We only charge when you win the item. You can find details on our pricing page at .

If you believe you have been incorrectly charged, please reply with item numbers for those snipes. We will gladly credit you if there was a mis-charge.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Feb 28 2010 10:44 pm by Gu***st

Hi,No one answered my questions.That was not a good response.I will try this again and maybe you should pay more attention to what you are reading so you can answer my questions.I shouldn't even have to do this The questions are on the page above where I am typing.The questions you did not answer are: How do I view my activity in my account with you???????? I would like to see all of the snipes and the charges for each of them so I can see why the balance in my account is what it is.Another question????? I cannot figure it out if you dont charge for a canceled snipe why am I short $2.94 can you explain where the money was charged????? THIS TIME PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!! DONT YOU HAVE A LOG OF ALL THE SNIPES AND CHARGES THAT I CAN SEE?? Another Question you did not answer is what is the correct way to change a snipe ammount of bid?

Posted Mar 01 2010 02:31 am by Gu***st


There is a big message posted on the home page about the status icon problem. For the funds, you can see the archive tab.

I was able to authorize a refund based on the amount you said, but as per our terms I can only refund US dollars and not the free $5 which is not money. I did add $2.94 as you requested. I am sorry that we could not make you happy. We appreciate your business and wish you luck on eBay.

Posted Mar 01 2010 03:37 am by Gu***st

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