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Account balance still incorrect

Posted: Mar 02 2010 11:41 AM

you have tried to fix my account several times it is now worse than ever. Here it is: it was at 17.78 I sniped one more time it should have been 17.28 the account said 14.something,I asked where money went now the account balance is negitive -7.44 I do not have any idea how they came up with that nomber.It is totally wrong.I will not use the account untill the problem is fixed. So my balance should have been 17.28 then (I have no idea why)they refunded 12.28 and I now have a balance of -7.44 which is obviously wrong. Can you please tell me where I can view my account history? Snipe history with charges and additions and balances. Do you have an account activity page?? PLEASE TELL ME I have asked like four timesOne more question do you charge for canceled snipes and how do you change a snipe? Please answer my questions.Thank you Sincerely, C.S.

Posted Mar 02 2010 11:41 am by Gu***st

Hello,I submitted this ticket two days ago and nothing has happened.I cannot use the system because my balance is negitive which you took my account balance.It is now not only gone but it is negitive and I am not going to put more money in so you can take that too.

My balance was at +17.78 days ago,I sniped one time and the balance droped to $14.84 I asked what happeded to my balance now your people trying to fix the problem set my account balance to NEGITIVE-7.44 I CANNOT USE MY ACCOUNT ANYMORE balance is all gone,you took my money!HELP HELP HELP

Posted Mar 04 2010 09:38 am by Gu***st

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