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Unable to use account

Posted: Mar 09 2010 03:35 PM

Hello,Thank you for responding to my ticket,However the problem is still unchanged.Even though you refunded my account balance.The present balance should be ZERO it is MINUS-7.94 and it just dropped another 50 cents,why I am not even using the account and balance is still going down.Do you charge for these tickets? PLEASE CORRECT BALANCE TO ZERO That is what it SHOULD BE since you refunded my balance. If you correct the balance as it should I can then add funds the balance is ZERO. You have told me there is a permanent hold on my account,CAN YOU PLEASE REMOVE THE HOLD? I would like to use the account.Last Question HOW DO I VIEW MY ACCOUNT HISTORY?I would like to view my snipes and the charges associated with usage in the account.Please answer my inquiries,it is very important,I still cant use the account.Please lift the HOLD on account.Thank You Sincerely,Chris

Posted Mar 09 2010 03:35 pm by Gu***st


We have refunded and closed this account. We will not be restoring the account for reasons we have explained. Please refer to our previous correspondence.

Posted Mar 12 2010 03:53 am by Gu***st

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