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Error on Grouped Snipes

Posted: Mar 23 2010 09:57 AM

I was told by Bidslammer that I lost item number 300407403486. The problem is that Ebay said on behalf of the seller "techit81" that I won it. This means I won two items in a grouped snipe when I was supposed to win only one item in a grouped snipe. I did it right. Ebay says differently, and consequently, I am being billed for both of these items in a single grouped snipe. I also won from "techit81" another item number 300407403083 that both Ebay and Bidslammer said that I won. That one I wish to purchase and cancel the purchase for the other Ebay item number mentioned first. How do I resolve this since my credibility as a buyer in Ebay is on the line?

Posted Mar 23 2010 09:57 am by Gu***st


Are you in the UK? I wish to be up front with you that they changed the bid increments recently and it seems that it threw off our "win calculator." This happened one time before and the buyer explained the situation to the seller in a courteous way, and they were all right with it. Your seller will be able to see this thread if you put the full link. Would that be acceptable? (Write the letter not as if posing a question, but simply informing of the problem.)

Posted Mar 23 2010 06:11 pm by Gu***st

I am in the United States. Who are you, may I ask? I have emailed the seller through Ebay contact channels. As of yet, I have no reply from the seller. The seller is "techit81." That is his name in Ebay. I don't have his full link, whatever that is. Below is the proper message I received from The problem is Ebay showed me winning both of the grouped Snipes, not just one of them. What am I to do about this situation?

Posted Mar 24 2010 08:04 am by Gu***st


We are in the US. We asked about your location because this happened recently as a result of a change in the policies of eBay UK. I see that these are US items so that doesn't apply here.

This rarely comes up and I will investigate the reason that both items were won. In the mean time, a short note to the seller explaining that you were using a bidding service, and that the service made the mistake, is usually enough for the seller to forgive and forget. It was an honest mistake and not at all your fault.

You can also copy the link to this ticket in your web browser and send it to the seller. That way they can see this correspondence.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Mar 24 2010 09:11 am by Gu***st

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