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problems getting activated/log in

Posted: Apr 08 2010 06:55 PM

signed up.

got the email.

clicked the link

web page said 'Account confirmed OK. One moment"

and forwarded me to log in page.

After entering userID and PW, oddly rendered web page says that my account has not been confirmed, sometimes says the UID and PW don't match, and sometimes I just get a 404 type error. I also oddly got the missing/invalid cert page once...did see you had a dns move but that was weeks ago, no other posts since.

I'm not going to whine and bust your b@lls like some in the forum, but this isn't a great first experience!

Thanks for any help you can provide,


Posted Apr 08 2010 06:55 pm by Gu***st


What is the confirmation URL that doesn't work? Thanks.

Posted Apr 08 2010 06:58 pm by Gu***st

Wow Jay, that was fast.

the email contains:

when I click it the browser takes me to

(which I was able to grab with my mad mouse skillz) and then redirects me to (this time -- showing an SSL cert issue.

Posted Apr 08 2010 07:03 pm by Gu***st

to be more precise on the order of events,

> activate

> confirmed

> log in screen

> "user ID and PW do not match"

> after a few tries, I try the "forgot my PW"

> says my account has not been confirmed

Posted Apr 08 2010 07:06 pm by Gu***st

The cid=0 means it didn't generate a userid for you. I'll fix it and write you back tonight.

Posted Apr 08 2010 09:23 pm by Gu***st


You can log in as stalbee and password BdSlmmr10iae. We actually confirm the account on sign up now and that whole confirm process should not even be there any more. I added $5 in the account for you, thanks for being patient. If you send your address and shirt size I'll mail you a t-shirt also.

Make sure to immediately go to preferences and change your name, ebay userid, and so on.

Posted Apr 09 2010 11:42 am by Gu***st

Thanks Jayslam! Just logged in and confirmed it is working. I appreciate the credit. Tshirt-XL!

43800 Riverpoint Drive

Leesburg, VA 20176

Posted Apr 09 2010 02:26 pm by Gu***st

Sent! Thanks!

Posted Apr 09 2010 07:13 pm by Gu***st

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