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Account Balance

Posted: Apr 09 2010 03:46 PM

Looking for an update on the following as John D from Bidslammer customer service has not responded. Below is my original ticket info which shows the ticket as resolved but it is not as I have not received an answer.

Subject: Account Balance

Tracking ID: N65GMDR1YW

Ticket status: Resolved

Created on: 2010-03-30 10:48:29

Last update: 2010-03-31 08:03:31

Last replier: Staff

Category: Billing Issue

Replies: 1

Priority: Medium


Date: 2010-03-30 10:48:29

Name: brent riesenberger

E-mail: [edited]


BidSlammer [edited] />

Item No. (optional):


Can you provide a summary of my past monetary credits and deductions. I haven't used the service in a while (maybe year plus or so) but thought I put in around $20 or so a year plus ago and don't remember sniping anything big to drop my balance to the current $0.00 it currently is showing.

Thanks for the help,



Date: 2010-03-31 08:03:31

Name: John D.



I will do a review on your account and let you know what I find.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Apr 09 2010 03:46 pm by Gu***st


I'm sorry about that, the ticket auto closed. The last deposit on this account was in 2005. The free portions you had left expired in 2009. We do not expire funds anymore because we do not offer those kind of program any more for exactly this reason.

Posted Apr 09 2010 07:15 pm by Gu***st

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