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Miss Sniped

Posted: Apr 28 2010 01:02 PM

Whats is going on. I put in a snipe today for this Item that I really wanted and it didnt even submit a bid. I'm not very happy at the moment. I have used your service for years and never had any issues until today. Can someone please get back to me ASAP about this issue.

Posted Apr 28 2010 01:02 pm by Gu***st


Your snipe was placed properly, we just didn't get a response back from eBay before the auction ended. Here are the results from our log file:

09:10:29 (snipe placed)

09:10:38 (eBay response)

09:10:38 (auction close)

Additional information about eBay lag is available in our help setcion at .

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Apr 28 2010 06:54 pm by Gu***st

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