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No bid placed

Posted: May 02 2010 07:50 PM

Hi: Just wondered why no snipe was placed since I would have won the auction had a snipe been placed. Thanks.

Posted May 02 2010 07:50 pm by Gu***st


I checked our log file and it shows that a snipe was placed and a response received from eBay. The response is unusual in that it doesn't state that the bid was accepted or rejected.

I wish I could be of more help but we rely on eBay's response messages to determine what happened, and in this case the response message didn't tell us anything. I haven't seen anything like this in the past so I think it is an isolated incident. I will let you know if I discover anything else.

Kind regards,

John D.

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted May 02 2010 10:31 pm by Gu***st

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