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Bids are missing alot lately

Posted: May 03 2010 06:10 PM

Two of my bids missed today and one on Sunday. This is my livelihood, and I can't afford to keep missing bids. Help!

Posted May 03 2010 06:10 pm by Gu***st


I reviewed both snipes and they were placed on time...

230468035019 was a missed reserve. On the second one, eBay gave us back a page that did not have a bid form but no exact reason. We definitely did place the bid however.

Thank you for taking the time to write in, if you have any other questions, please be sure to let us know.



BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted May 03 2010 06:20 pm by Gu***st

Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by a missed reserve? My bid doesn't show up and someone got it much lower than my bid.

Posted May 03 2010 07:33 pm by Gu***st


Let me see if I can pull the actual error message from the page. We can't show the actual result page on the site otherwise it registers with ebay as a phishing site.

Posted May 03 2010 08:31 pm by Gu***st

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