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Your site is not working

Posted: May 13 2010 05:16 PM

My last two snipes did not work. What is going on with your site? What can you do to reimburse me for the two auction I lost because your system did not work?

Posted May 13 2010 05:16 pm by Gu***st


Rest assured that our systems are operating smoothly and at top of their game. However I will certainly take the time to investigate this for you. Can you give me the item number(s) you want me to check on? We do keep log files for every single snipe and we can almost always give a definitive answer.

Also here is a link to our 'bulletproofing' article, which lists about 20 ways a buyer can miss due to an account issue or something like that.

Posted May 13 2010 06:03 pm by Gu***st


I checked our log files and that snipe was placed. Here are the results:

12:44:36 (snipe placed)

12:44:47 (eBay response)

12:44:46 (auction ended)

This one was just a slow response from eBay. The auction ended before the your bid was accepted. Unfortunately, there is not a fix for lag. Your bid was placed well before the auction ended.

Lag is not a frequent issue. If you see another miss feel free to submit a ticket. We'll be happy to research it for you. There are many other reasons why a snipe can miss, even when the bid is placed on time.

Posted May 13 2010 06:06 pm by Gu***st

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