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Bid rejected

Posted: May 22 2010 10:33 AM

I have received a message from you claiming that -

"You have bid or bought the maximum-allowed number of this seller's items in the last 10 days".

This is utter nonsense. I have not bid on any item with you in 7 months and I have NOT bid from this seller in my life. I have NEVER encountered this seller before so in no way have I reached a maximum whatever that may be. Can you explain to me what is going on here?

Posted May 22 2010 10:33 am by Gu***st


It is a bug. According to our records, that is a watch item and you didn't actually ask us to snipe it. You had a bid of zero.

The error code is wrong for sure though. I'll fix that asap. Thanks for that report, I really appreciate it!

Posted May 22 2010 10:42 am by Gu***st

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