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Response to case id 47HUJ7R1WT

Posted: Jun 08 2010 10:13 AM

On May 31, I submitted a ticket because two of the snipes I placed missed. In both cases, the snipes were placed several days before the auction ended and in both cases I lost the auction even though my snipes were quite a bit higher than the winning bid. We discussed the problem back & forth and you finally suggest that I try bidding on another auction from the same seller "About once a year, a customer insists on an extended discussion here, all we can really do is encourage the buyer to just try to buy another item from the seller. So far, anyone who tries it isn't able to do it and they write us back to say it was something simple. " I did that. One of my missed snipes was 300430740439 seller monstatruck74. The reason for the missed snipe has changed several times on my home page. Anyway, I placed a bid on another item from monstatruck74 on eBay without using bidslammer .. auction 300433347306 and was just notified that I won the auction. So that negates that theory. Now what? I opened another ticket because you went ahead and closed the previous one.

Posted Jun 08 2010 10:13 am by Gu***st


Ok I will explain this a different way, as you are clearly pressing us on something not our area of service. Please see section 8 of our user agreement for more.

The snipe fired successfully and we gave times. We gave reasons for status message being incorrect. We don't know the error - snipe services have to "guess." We always tell the truth.

ANY OTHER snipe service just gives a bland "sorry" message: "a few times a day, snipes miss for reasons we do not understand." We don't do that - we are nowhere near as rude as the other snipe services are on their forums for stuff like this, you can see for yourself that users get berated for making an issue of this in public, just as you were last week as other users started to criticize your candor. That is why we deleted your post, by the way, we don't allow that.

We've offered as much info as we can over these last 14 exchanges. At this point I would like you to simply NOT take my word for it and check out forums at auctionsniper or something. And rest assured you are with the right service.

Thank you for taking the time to write in, if you have any other questions, please be sure to let us know.



BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Jun 08 2010 11:54 am by Gu***st

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