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Posted: Aug 19 2010 12:40 AM

I don't think I understand how to place a snipe. I enter the item # and the max amount I will pay.

the item appears and it says snipe set.

Then I figured out you must enter a "your snipe" figure in the box along the item line. What is this? And how does it differ from you "max amount".

I couldn't find any tutorial mentioning this box. I thought perhaps it it the bid increment figure so I put 5.00 and I lost the auction.

What goes in the your snipe box ???????

Posted Aug 19 2010 12:40 am by Gu***st


You did it correctly the first time. "Your snipe" is the amount of the snipe you want to place. If you want to bid $50, then you put 50 in there. Perhaps this should read "Snipe bid amount" ?

Wow... in 10 years no one every mentioned this to me, but on reflection, it does seem confusing. I'll change it.

Posted Aug 19 2010 07:04 am by Gu***st

Thanks, For the resonse! For claification ,Is this a duplication of your "max bid amount" ?

Your tutorials don't even mention entering anything in this space, or what it means.

The whole idea seems to beat the other guy (without having to be there watching) So you don't know how much you want to bid.

The only thing I can control is my "Max Amount"

Or my "bid increment amount". I saw the suggested chart ( (in this case it would be 1.00) but I couldn't find a labeled box to enter it to enter it! So to be safe I entered 5.00 in the "Your snipe box" didn't work!

See my history about this putter.Lost it twice! Thanks

Posted Aug 19 2010 02:41 pm by Gu***st



All we do is place that value, 5 seconds before closing. It's really that simple.

I say that, since many users like yourself are adding in proxy bidding, which is different:

So if you snipe $1,000 and the item closes at $5.00 then bay adjusts your bid. We don't have to since they do it.

In short, just bid what you are willing to pay. ;-)

Does that help?

Posted Aug 19 2010 09:05 pm by Gu***st

Yes Thanks, I now see that it automaticaly shows now That is better! Maybe now I'll get that putter.

Posted Aug 20 2010 02:16 pm by Gu***st

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