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Issue "RESOLVED??????" No!

Posted: Sep 14 2010 10:46 AM

I submitted the above ticket and received an automated response stating I would hear within 24 hours or so. Over a week later, with still no response, I check the ticket to see is is "Resolved".

Well thank you very much. What the hell do you mean resolved. No reply was returned, no credit offered, you must have just decided it wasn't worth your time.

I do computer repairs in my spare time and have recommended you countless times. Unless this is remedied I will recommend everyone to NOT use bidslammer and will recommend alternatives.

Richard Fiske


Dear Richard Fiske,

This e-mail contains a list of support tickets submitted with your e-mail address. Number of support tickets found: 1

Tracking ID: 45DVJLN4X5

Subject: Loss of funds

Status: Resolved


This is an automated e-mail message sent from our support system. Do not reply to this e-mail as we won't receive your reply!

Yours sincerely,


Posted Sep 14 2010 10:46 am by Gu***st


I am showing that this account was closed for profanity. Your last deposit was five years ago and was long since used. There was no "balance" in US dollars. You did have a gift certificate balance of $8 but that expires after one year.

Posted Sep 14 2010 12:07 pm by Gu***st

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