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Bidslammer says I won, but ebay doesn't

Posted: Oct 10 2010 11:03 AM

Can you explain why BidSlammer states I won this bid, but when I tried to contact the Seller at eBay, they said someone else did?

Is there a certain procedure I am to follow in making a Bid on ebay? (e.g. An item on ebay is at 99.99 and I put in a bid for 101.99 on ebay. Then I go to BidSlammer in put in a maximum value of 125.00, I would expect to win and the seller would be informed. Assuming I am not out bidded by someone else. If I didn't win the auction, I would have expected BidSlammer state as such.)

Is there a correct procedure in using BidSlammer?

Posted Oct 10 2010 11:03 am by Gu***st

Sorry for the late reply, I thought I had replied. We normally respond in hours! There is a link at the bottom for a penny t-shirt if you like; I apologize.

Here is the link you want.

Posted Oct 21 2010 02:21 pm by Gu***st

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