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Your service is unacceptable

Posted: Oct 27 2010 09:58 AM

I could have watched this item myself and placed the bid myself. Instead, I listened to your last two responses to my tickets and relied upon your service.

This is yet another item that you did not provide service for. I filed a complaint with PayPal against you and you asked me to remove it. I did so. You then said I would be given a t-shirt for a penny by clicking a link, but that link was broken.

Not only is your service a fraud, but it has cost me two items that I wanted, that I could have bid on myself, and is totally useless.

I will refile complaints with PayPal for a refund of the money I placed in my account with you unless you refund it to me yourself.

This is outrageous, deceptive, and totally unreliable. I left watching when the bid was down to 11 minutes relying on your service, but you did nothing to place a bid for me. There was only one bid and you did not place any bid for me. What good are you?

Please refund all my money that I have deposited with you and cancel my account. I can do much better myself.

David Berg

Posted Oct 27 2010 09:58 am by Gu***st

I don't get this at all. When I went to pay for another item, I found that I DID win this item and was the only bidder, yet on your site it shows n***b as the winner and there is a message saying you couldn't place a bid as the auction had ended.

Please explain since I seem to be the winner and have already paid for the item via PayPal.

David Berg

Posted Oct 27 2010 10:13 am by Gu***st


We clearly stated our terms we cannot determine the winner if someone manually snipes you at the last second with a greater amount. You did win 110601022512, we did successfully place the bid, as we received the message back:

>Congrats dnb2, you're the first bidder. Hope you win! Another user may still outbid you, especially during these final minutes Click <b>Check your status to see how you're doing.

ANyway please keep us informed, we are grateful that you do take the time to let us know.

Posted Oct 27 2010 11:10 am by Gu***st

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