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Auction Tribune

Posted: Nov 04 2010 09:53 AM


I cannot seem to get auction tribune to work, am I correct to assume that all I need to do is place my keywords and it will email me results of new listed items against the keywords I have defined?

How do I see a list of all keywords that Auction Tribune is searching for?

If there's a user guide on tribune please send me the link!

Thank you,


Posted Nov 04 2010 09:53 am by Gu***st

Anyone care to reply?

Posted Nov 07 2010 10:52 pm by Gu***st

Between the server being down (yesterday for a whole day), slow response of server when refreshing items and not sniping on my items (3 so far, just gray face with no error message), what solutions do you offer?

Perhaps money back so I can go elsewhere?

Posted Nov 08 2010 02:43 am by Gu***st

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