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Another incorrect "eBay lag" message

Posted: Nov 07 2010 10:44 PM

I lost another auction this morning, and once again your service is incorrectly reporting an "eBay lag" as the reason. In fact, I believe your computers did not correctly track the change to Daylight Savings Time here in Michigan. The auction I'm citing ended at 5:03 a.m. PST Sunday, Nov. 7. That's 8:03 a.m. here. I logged on after that time and was surprised to see I had not won; the auction ended with no winner. I checked my Bidslammer account, and it was reporting that my bid was pending ... after the auction was over! Your time remaining notation corresponded to 9:03 a.m. That was incorrect! Every computer in my house knew what time it was; why doesn't Bidslammer know what time it is? It's becoming increasing obvious that Bidslammer is not a reliable service. Please, make an attempt to reassure me. Also, check my previous ticket. I got a very delayed response from your staff; I responded, but no one ever contacted me again.

Posted Nov 07 2010 10:44 pm by Gu***st


Yes we did respond- the ticket is still open -

I apologize for any confusion. we actually fired double snipes for you to account for the Change of daylight savings time. Therefore one of them fired and overwrote the message from the other one. In many situations, it gave the impression that the bid was lost when won or vice versa. I will look at your particular situation and see, but everyone I have looked at so far falls in this category. Again I am truly sorry for the confusion.

Posted Nov 10 2010 10:17 am by Gu***st

Your reply doesn't really help me. The cited auction ended with no bids. So it doesn't matter how many times you claim to have fired snipes ... none of them reached the seller. There was no situation giving the "impression that the bid was lost when won or vice versa" ... there was, in fact, no bid. You're giving me a bunch of double-talk, Jayslam. To repeat ... I checked after the auction ended, and the snipe-set icon was still showing; the time to auction field showed that Bidslammer thought the auction would end one hour after it actually did. Double snipes firing, one of them overwriting the other ... this is a bunch of technobabble, Jayslam. Why would you send two snipes at 5:03 a.m. PST if Daylight Savings Time was an issue? Please investigate this incident, clarify your thinking and give me an explanation that makes sense. Also, you still have not explained, in either of my tickets, why you are incorrectly reporting these failures on your part as "eBay lag" problems. How is me winning a bid and Bidslammer incorrectly reporting that I lost an eBay problem? How can you blame eBay when I set up a snipe for a certain time and you don't send in my bid? Why is it so hard for you to admit that these are Bidslammer problems? Just own it and say, sorry we screwed up, Mr. Rau. I guarantee you, telling the truth feels better than evading it.

Posted Nov 10 2010 04:49 pm by Gu***st

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