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Lost last 2 bids due to ebay delay?

Posted: Nov 11 2010 09:23 AM

Hello, I lose my last 2 items due to "Lost due to eBay lag. eBay took 3 seconds to process the bid. We executed snipe at , and the item ended at 14:50:08."

These were separate days. Please let me know whether bidslammer is no longer able to serve as my bidding place of choice. I have used you for over 5 years, and really am disappointed by this multiple occurances at different instances. Please advise if I should expect not to be able to use your service effectively anymore.

Thank you.

Posted Nov 11 2010 09:23 am by Gu***st


We just posted a message on the site. Sorry for the late reply.

Posted Nov 12 2010 07:56 pm by Gu***st

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