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Please respond

Posted: Nov 16 2010 10:42 PM

Hi, I was one of your customers that had problems last week. You are showing me as the high bidder (with a smiley as if I won) and therefore charged my balance. According to e-bay I never even bid on those items. Please add the funds back to my account. It's only 2-3 dollars, but it's the principal and basis for your whole business model. While I'm irritated that I missed bids I would have clearly won, I'm more irritated with the response (and lack thereof) I have received so far.

Is there a phone number or chat to resolve this directly?

Posted Nov 16 2010 10:42 pm by Gu***st


Do you have a ticket number for when you wrote in before? We always respond quickly.I apologize if we overlook anything.

I don't see where we actually debited your balance. I do believe the system showed an incorrect status however.

Thank you for taking the time to write in, if you have any other questions, please be sure to let us know.



BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Nov 17 2010 08:11 am by Gu***st

Here are the prior tickets:




I went from $8.00 to $5.00 without winning a bid.....Is there a way to see the accounting of my balance? Is there a person I can talk to? or at least chat?

Posted Nov 18 2010 07:00 pm by Gu***st


I truly apologize. We moved to a new help systemIn this ticket got left behind. This was my fault personally, I take responsibility for it as it is not how we usually do things around here. Remind me to send you some promo items when we're done with this exchange.

We've moved to ZenDesk just like Google, Netflix, and other companies that are serious about customer service. For one thing, ZenDesk does all the e-mail sending from their SMTP servers.

You can now:

1. open support tickets directly by email

2. never have to log in

3. keep track of ALL your tickets

As for the problem you reported, yes of course we will credit any lost fees due to that issue. I'll check and write back. On occasion eBay changes their web pages, which causes us to have to modify our software. This causes the snipe "smiley face" to sometimes show red (lose). Also the opposite case: sometimes a lose can show as a win. This is because someone placed a bid and between your snipe and the end of the auction which was higher than yours. And the billing "guesses" wrong.

I'll respond in THIS ticket system, so please don't open a new ticket in the new system though. We'll work through this one since it has all your info.

Please allow a few days for the holiday. We'll make sure you are happy.

Posted Dec 25 2010 02:35 am by Gu***st

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