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error in updates

Posted: Nov 25 2010 10:09 AM


The past two transactions I have conducted on my bidslammer account have had an issue.

In both instances, bidslammer let me know I did NOT win an item due to something about an incorrect bid increment.

In both instances, I was the winning bid.

The first situation caused a bit of an issue as I immediately went back to ebay and purchased an identical item as I needed it right away for a gift. Of course this ended up being an oversight on my part in not reading all the emails I was getting about being the winning bid on the second item (it turned out that they were emails from both the same items and i did not reference the transaction ID).

I ended up solving the issue with the first seller, but it cost me financially to make things right as his relisting did not obtain the same price I paid.

Anyway, it was a lesson learned and I made things right with the seller.

I assumed it was a glitch, but with the knowledge of a potential problem....I used bidslammer again last evening. It turned out that I again won an item...but bidslammer did not register it as a winning bid.

1. The issue caused some confusion on the part of the buyer, and I can't imagine this being an isolated incident.

2. Bidslammer is not receiving income from winning bids as the system is not registering them as successful even if they are.

You may wish to investigate this further and I will be happy to assist if there is additional information I can provide.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Posted Nov 25 2010 10:09 am by Gu***st

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