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Missed Snipes

Posted: Feb 28 2011 09:26 AM

I have now missed two snipes in a row where I was the highest bidder. I have followed all your rules and tips to get good snipes. You obviously have a glitch that needs to be fixed. This has cost me some valuable items that I wanted.

Posted Feb 28 2011 09:26 am by Gu***st


We placed this bid on time, actually. The seller changed the duration or ended the auction early. The reason I say that is because the snipe was executed at the promised time, but the auction was already over.

Of course we do provide credit in this situation. I'll apply it, sorry for any confusion this caused - but we are not allowed to constantly refresh and therefore cannot detect this situation.

Posted Feb 28 2011 09:31 am by Gu***st

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