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Bidslammer software problem with ebay!

Posted: Feb 23 2009 02:37 AM

Posted as a followup to the solved ticket #3643.

Credit my paypal account for the money you stole from me or I will be fileing a complaint with the New York State Attorney Generals office!!

Posted Feb 23 2009 02:37 am by Gu***st


I have passed your information to our legal department. Your credits are being mailed certified check to your home.

Our refund policy and instrutions are in our user agreement. Just go to the Privacy link at the bottom of any page and then click Terms of Service. Or you can take this [url]shortcut link.[/url]

If you have any questions or problems please be sure to let us know, and thank you for your business.

Kindest regards,

BidSlammer support

Posted Feb 24 2009 03:23 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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