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Snipe won? (not!) But not placed

Posted: Mar 05 2011 07:59 PM


First, we still haven't heard from you concerning us adding funds to our log-in, we would still like to use your service, or don't you guys want our business anymore? Where is your customer support besides no where to be found? Also we put a snipe in on the 3rd, you will see it on our page, it appears as if we won the snipe, (there is a smiley face) but he lies! Our snipe wasn't even placed, so it appears that we were charged for a snipe that didn't even happen. What is going on? Please contact us we want to bid, and we don't want to bid without bidslammer! One more question, what is your current fee for a successful snipe, etc. Thank you, Susan Theurich (rocknon52)

Posted Mar 05 2011 07:59 pm by Gu***st


This email is to inform you that we have issued you some credit.

We have posted a message on our website explaining that eBay

made some changes to their website. This happens about three or

four times a year and we are usually able to update the software

in the background with few snipes being affected.

Rest assured that we are always working to assure your

trust and continued success.

If you have any other concerns, please contact us at our

customer service link below.

Thank you for your continued support and trust BidSlammer.

Kind regards,

Your Friends at BidSlammer ;-D

Posted Mar 06 2011 02:23 pm by Gu***st

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