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Posted: Mar 18 2011 01:45 PM

may I have a $150 refund please? I inadvertantly thought I was adding to my Paypal balance...then I thought I might spend more on BidSlammer but it has been months and I do not seem to be bidding too much these days....

Posted Mar 18 2011 01:45 pm by Gu***st

may I have an update on my request please?

Posted Apr 15 2011 11:16 am by Gu***st


Your account is mostly free bonus bucks. You responded to a markting offer last year, your 'balance' is site credit, a representation of all the pay and free bonus dollars you have received over the years including the double bucks campaigns.

(You are asking us to give you free service all last year plus free service all next year.)

Posted Apr 17 2011 05:27 am by Gu***st

OK, Thanks

Posted Apr 18 2011 09:35 am by Gu***st

Did you ever get your t-shirt? You can buy one here for a penny,

Posted Apr 18 2011 09:41 am by Gu***st

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