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Bids Did Not Register on eBay

Posted: Apr 25 2011 01:06 PM

On Sunday, I tried using your service for the first (two) time(s). I did not win either of the two items I was bidding on at The bid amounts that I entered through BidSlammer were higher than the winning bids. Checking the history for each item, my user ID did not show up on either list as a bidder. Based on the information for bids, times of other bids, amounts, etc., I should have had the high bid or at least the second highest bid but I didn't even show up on the bid history list.

When I filled out my BidSlammer "Preferences," I carefully entered my eBay user ID and password. (My eBay and BidSlammer user IDs are the same but the respective passwords are different.)

I entered the eBay auction numbers and my bid amount on my BidSlammer homepage. The information showed up in the table as having the snipes set and I thought I was "good to go." Can you help me understand what went wrong; why my bids were not entered at eBay?



Posted Apr 25 2011 01:06 pm by Gu***st

A couple of weeks ago I sent the above message inquiring about snipes that I entered but something happened whereby my bids did not register on the "Bid History" list for either of the two items eventhough my bids were higher than either winning bid. Can you help me understand what happened?



Posted May 13 2011 10:56 pm by Gu***st

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