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GROUPED snipes did not work

Posted: Apr 03 2012 06:11 PM

I have used Bidslammer for while, and decided to try the Grouped snipes for the first time today. It was for a Roku box and I put offers on two different items in the same group titled "Roku". The ebay numbers are 120884687113 and 110848074387.

I read how to do this on your website. On your website, it states that 3 minutes are needed between autions to ensure don't win both. The attached file shows that there was 9 minutes between the auctions I bid on.

However your website didn't work and instead I won both items. I only need one and do not need the other one (neither can I afford to pay for it). This was an error on your website and I would like you to purchase the send item for me (you can keep it) or reimburse me.


Posted Apr 03 2012 06:11 pm by Gu***st

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