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my maximum bid in myEbay

Posted: Jul 09 2012 07:25 PM

I submitted a maximum bid of $1700.00 in myEbay offer before I learned about BidSlammer, today. I am now registered with you and have submitted a Maximum bid for sniping with BidSlammer of $2500.58 because I really want this item and was outbid at the last minute for a similar item last week. There was a buy it now price of $2500 for the item when I first saw the listing and I put in a bid for $1025 when the starting bid was $1,000, then the bidding went up to my current high bid of $1525. Do I have to change my maximum bid with eBay (from the $1700.?) Will that interfere with your sniping for me? I'm new to this and still learning. Please clarify. thanks, Jo-Ann

Posted Jul 09 2012 07:25 pm by Gu***st

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