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Bid no Submitted

Posted: Feb 09 2013 05:42 PM

I was schocked to find that though I had a BidSlammer snipe on both these items which was far in excess of the Ebay final bidding price that my snipe was apparently not submitted. I have been in contact with Ebay who have referred me back to you, their comment was " we don't have any record of your bid " before taking this matter further I would request an explanation please!!

Posted Feb 09 2013 05:42 pm by Gu***st

I am wondering why on the ticket status above you have marked "as resolved " frankly nothing has been resolved !apart from a case tracking number I have not had the curtesy of a reply, how about some action please ? If you think this matter is forgotten you are mistaken and unless you can give me a satisfactory explanation I intend writing to the media telling readers that BidSlammer is not a reliable source to use for bidding. I await your reply, Aldo D'Astoli

Posted Feb 13 2013 01:23 am by Gu***st

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