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Bid Was Not Placed ??

Posted: Oct 13 2013 11:21 AM

My maximum bid was substantially higher than the winning bid for this item. Ebay only shows a single bid was placed ... Why did this happen? What is the point in paying for this service if the bids are not getting placed in a timely fashion?

Posted Oct 13 2013 11:21 am by Gu***st


I looked at this in detail, and here is what I found.

Bid placed: 11:11:45

Item ended: 11:11:55

Bid returned from eBay : 11:11:56

It appears the bid timed out. We did place the bid 10 seconds early but it took eBay 11 seconds to process it. There was really no way to avoid this. It only happens on about 0.1% of the auctions we place.

I can assure you the system is operating correctly, and even though this was an unlucky connection to eBay, as a guarantee we will refund your last payment if it happens again before your balance expires.

Thanks for writing in, please let me know if I can answer any more questions.

Posted Oct 13 2013 12:39 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

That is not satisfactory to me ... I should not have to pay for a bid that was not placed early enough to be processed before the end of an auction.

It is bad enough that I lost the auction because the bid was not placed in time to be processed. My risk was losing the auction if I failed to bid enough, I should also not be at risk to pay for a service that was not executed successfully. That should be your risk.

Posted Oct 19 2013 08:18 pm by Gu***st


You were not charged for the snipe. But we definitely bid on time, we had no way of knowing eBay would take 11 seconds to process the bid. Our customers all expect us to place the bid 5-10 seconds before closing because otherwise someone could outbid you manually. I'm sorry you did not win, but rest assured it is rare with sniping (the last time I see it in your account was 2006).

Kind regards,

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Oct 19 2013 10:51 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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