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Posted: Oct 19 2013 05:21 PM

I tried to set up the new Slamit and now my home page will not come up at all.

I'm not real computer savvy so need help figuring out what is going on.

Thanks, C.

Posted Oct 19 2013 05:21 pm by Gu***st

Hi there casper,

Can you get to this page ok?

That is the page you should bookmark to get to your snipe home page. Any other links you should delete.

Here are instructions for setting up Slam-it.

1. If you have the Slam-It toolbar on your menu right now, right click it and select Delete.

2. From your main snipe page, drag the slam-it icon up to your toolbar where it was before.

3. If it prompts you with any questions about security, click OK.

That should do it, let me know if you have any issues and we'll help further.


BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Oct 20 2013 08:41 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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