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Posted: Oct 24 2013 06:42 AM

I can no longer log on to Bidslammer. I tried last week from two different computers and couldn't use it. I had not used Bidslammer is several weeks, so I don't know what changes you made, but there is no point in me paying you monthly for something I cannot us. I tried again this a.m. just to see if it was a temporary glitch, but the site never loaded and I got a box on the screen saying I could not open the site and then it closed. SO.....did you do something different? It has nothing to do with "slam it", as I have never used that anyway. If I cannot get it to work next time I need it, I will have to cancel my payments and just not even try anymore.

Posted Oct 24 2013 06:42 am by Gu***st


I was able to log in as you ok. I could only find one account for you with that email you gave, and that account has no payments or snipes in it and no eBay information. Is there another account you are trying besides "pretty1" ? Also, are you sure you have the right service (because we do not bill monthly as you said.) Please let me know if 'pretty1' is the account you are using.

Also you may be trying an old bookmark - to log in, please use

Also could you please give some details on exactly what happen when you try to log in? We are happy to help.

Kind regards,

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Oct 24 2013 10:34 am by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

I log into my account using my ebay name and ebay password, which I have always done. I just clicked on the site you mentioned in your answer to me and a box popped up that read "Windows Internet Explorer...Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site https.// Operation aborted. So I copied and pasted the site you sent to my address bar and got this:

404 Page Not Found

The page you requested was not found.

I am also aware you do not bill monthly. I think you debit my paypal account every 45 days, but I'm not sure since it's been so long since I've signed up with you. What am I doing wrong that I can't get into your site?

Posted Oct 24 2013 02:58 pm by Gu***st

I guess when I signed up I used pretty1 as my user name, but you could also try "tippig"

Posted Oct 24 2013 03:00 pm by Gu***st


This ticket system was adding a period to that URL, causing it to fail. Sorry about that, how confusing that must have been.

Here is the correct login URL (without the added period ;-))

You do have a second account 'tippig' but it uses a different email address than the other account.

Please write if you have any more issues, I will watch for the ticket.

Posted Oct 24 2013 03:13 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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