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two missed snipes in a row?

Posted: Mar 23 2014 06:32 PM

What the hell is going on? Two snipes in a row didnt go through this afternoon, the first one had something about a bid form, I checked your website and it said it was a problem on the buyer side and to make sure I have the right password. So I did that, although I have no idea why the password would suddenly stop working. The second auction got missed as well, but I didnt wait around for your excuse. I pay entirely too much money for this kind of service. Please fix this and let me know the outcome. Thank you, Mark

Posted Mar 23 2014 06:32 pm by Gu***st


We did place both snipes on time, but eBay did return a dialog saying your eBay password was incorrect. As per our sniping guidelines, if you are going to snipe then you need to make sure you have a really secure password, e.g. a combination of alphanumeric, upper case, and a symbol.

More information can be found here:

Let me know if I can help with anything else. Sorry you missed the snipe but rest assured our service is performing as advertised.

Kind regards,

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Mar 23 2014 07:05 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

This reply is not helpful at all. Are you saying my password wont work with your snipe program anymore because I need to pick a stronger password? It has worked in the past. I need a program I can count on, Please let me know how I can get a refund for my money and I will find a more dependable snipe service.

Posted Mar 23 2014 08:42 pm by Gu***st


eBay isn't accepting the password you have on file with us, i.e. it isn't correct, you have to update it. We can't snipe without the correct password.

eBay requires more stringent passwords for sniping services.

Kind regards,

BidSlammer Customer Care

Posted Mar 23 2014 11:22 pm by Your Friendly BidSlammer Admin

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